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Self development, happiness and gratitude has been a huge interest of mine for years. I’ve always been attracted to psychology and ’how people work’, but especially since 2001 (when my first severe break down happened), working on my own self love and finding true happiness within became crucial factors in my life.

Having been through all the motions and exercises, studying any book I could get a hold of that would make me understand myself and those around me better while digging up the past and analysing every inch I found, I suddenly found that I had managed to move from a place where darkness and sadness was in focus to a place where self love, life balance, happiness and gratitude are dominating factors in my every day life. I can honestly say that I am a happy, balanced person today (something I thought would never happen) and I am truly grateful for this gift we call life.

Why ’Meet me at the Café’? I get it – it’s slightly odd. However, for years now I’ve found myself meeting up with friends, family and even strangers in cafés listening to their struggles and providing advice and exercises to help them move forward. I find that cafés are such a great place to relax and release tension without the serious talk becoming clinical and doctor like as it can quickly become when sat in someone’s office or sofa.

I’m not a psychologist, nor am I a healer, a psychiatrist, a psychic, a doctor or a coach. I have, however, become acquainted with every single one of these professions during my years of self development and have found my own recipes by mixing it all up. These recipes I’ll be sharing with you right here on this blog!

So, ‘meet me at the café’ and we’ll tackle the issues together! I made it through the darkness to the other side – I swear you can too! Be aware though that nothing happens over night – self development and self love is a life long commitment and getting there will require time, effort, devotion and honesty. I do promise you though that it’s worth it! It’s worth it to a degree you can not even begin to imagine!

Kat x


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